There are two primary ways to drive to SoVT from NY metro.  You may either take:

I-87 (NY Thruway) north through Albany and Bennington (driving east LINK HERE) or
I-95 N through Hartford onto I-91 up to Brattleboro (driving west LINK HERE)

Our suggestion is for anyone who is leaving from a departure point that is east of the Hudson River to take I-95N to I-684N (in Westchester) to I-84E (in Danbury) to I-91 (in Hartford) to Route 9W (Brattleboro, exit 2).  And for anyone leaving from points west of the Hudson to take I-87N to I-787N (exit 23 Troy) to NY-7E to VT-9E through Bennington.

If arriving in Wilmington from Brattleboro, you will go through the lights in the center of town, past Dots, the Crafts Inn, past the Bookstore, and we will be the last business on the right side at the western edge of town, across the street from Rivers Edge gift shop, and behind Bauman's paint store.  If you see Nido's gas station or the Vermont Bowl company you missed us. 

If arriving in Wilmington from Bennington (from the west), we will be the first business on your left as you enter town.  When you see the lake on your right and the Vermont Bowl Company on your left you are about to come into town.  We have a large sign with our green tree logo on the western edge of our property that you should see, make a left turn right after you see our second sign up our long driveway. 

Directions from New York - New Jersey
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Directions from Boston
Instead of taking the Mass Pike, it is suggested that you take MA-2W in order to avoid traffic, tolls, and to shave about 30 miles off your journey.  How you get there will really depend on where you are leaving from, however.  Nevertheless, you should drive west on MA-2 for approximately 75 miles until you reach I-91N.  Take I-91N until exit 2, after you have entered VT.  Drive west on Route 9W for 20 miles and see details above about how to find us after you enter Wilmington.  LINK to Directions HERE