Our Tuesday night "chef's tasting" dinner has become what we are best known for.  Every Tuesday we put the menus away and roll out a five course "blind" tasting menu that Chef Ismail creates.  Typically it includes one appetizer course, three small entree courses and a dessert.  Each course is unique and delicious.  All dishes are made by hand  from scratch so every ingredient is known, therefore we ask all diners to disclose to their server any allergies or dislikes they may have.  The cost for the dinner is only $30!

In addition we offer our patrons a five course wine pairing that is chosen to match each dish.  These wines are 2 ounce pours, resulting in approximately 2 glasses of wine over the dinner.  The cost of the wine pairing either $15 or $20 depending on that night's wine selection.  These wines are never house pours, they are nearly always wines we do not typically carry and buy specifically for the pairing or because we are interested in adding them to the wine list.  We want your feedback and from it, you help us build our wine list! 

The impetus for the tasting menu was to showcase our Chefs' flavors and versatility.  You will be amazed at his ability to ensure that each dish has its own flavors and distinctly wonderful taste.  In addition, we wanted to be a place where people could come and try something new.  We nearly always have a game course on the menu, however, we tend to keep the other two entree courses relatively mainstream.  Along the way, we discovered that the Tuesday Tasting menu helped us make our dishes better and, with feedback from our patrons, it helped us come up with new dishes which is critical considering how often we change our menu.  To follow is a series of links to tasting menus we have offered in the past (with photos).  I encourage you to review them and come in and try one but, please, make a reservation.  But please, don't ask us what will be on the menu; we never divulge (it would spoil the surprise!). 
"Chef's Taste"
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Atlantic char (the sustainable salmon) over sauteed vegetables with fried carrot frisee
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