We cater large and small events, on-site and off-site, everything from family dinners to complete weddings. Please be aware that we do not accept all event requests in order to maintain our standards of quality and commitment to freshness. 
Let Us Host Your Next Event!
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We can host small weddings for up to 40 people on-site.  We will close our restaurant to the public for dinner so long as we have a guarantee of 25 people minimum and are serving complete meals.  During off-hours - when we are not normally open - we will consider smaller parties including lunches, private dinners and/or cocktail parties.   Why not see for yourself by visiting our photo gallery?

We have a full bar and liquor license and can host up to 30 people comfortably in our fire-side tavern with passed hors d'oeuvres.  Typically, we charge between $10 per person for hors d'oeuvres plus drinks which we normally bill on a consumption basis at discounted rates. 
Weddings & On-Site Events
We cater events off-site at venues such as the Honora Winery however in order to maintain our commitment to the finest quality local foods we have some restrictions.  On any party with more than 50 guests, we prefer to serve a multi-course tasting menu that our chef will design with you rather than offer guests a choice of entrees.  Where a more traditional dinner is requested we require either a fixed menu (i.e. chicken & filet mignon) or require that guests choose their meal selection in advance of arrival.  It is the only way for us to ensure quality and to prevent food waste which is something we abhor.

For parties with fewer than 50 guests, we can make the selections more customized and available for guests to choose their dishes at the table.   Please visit our photo gallery for sample photos.
Off Site Catering
Blocking Off Rooms
If you are hosting an event elsewhere and would like to block off rooms for your invited guests to stay here, we offer a 5 -15% discount, more with a minimum room guarantee and an early release day, that will be determined based on the season and event date. 
Former Sous Chef Stanton Nareau
serving Thanksgiving Turkey