Want to cook with a pro?  Chef Ismail loves to work with anyone who is enthusiastic about food, no matter whether you are a gourmet or someone who burns toast.  We have room packages available with special discounts if you want to take a class with our chefs. 

We can tailor your education to suit your interests and work with your timeline so that you can enjoy the mountains and all that the Valley has to offer.  Imagine working side by side with our Sous Chef in preparing for the night's service and working with Chef Ismail during service while he explains to you how each meal is being prepared.  More importantly, what is most useful in learning how to cook, Chef Ismail will teach you why various dishes are cooked a certain way and how different herbs and seasonings work together. 

Please call us if you are interested in learning to cook 802 464-3768. 

We offer a dinner package that includes an afternoon with the chef, preparing your own five course meal.  And during service that evening we'll bring you back to work with Chef Ismail to prepare each course for your table.  The price is $250 per person including the dinner and paired wines.  Less intensive personal instruction is available at a rate of $150 hour.
"Learn to Cook"
Chef for a Day
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