We always dreamed of being innkeepers and, with help from the economy that left us no good reason to stay in corporate America, we followed our hearts and left New York City for Southern Vermont in October 2009. 
"The Innkeepers"
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John and Rachel Pilcher
(Goofy is just our silent partner)
Rachel Pilcher had always lived in and was raised in the New York City metro area.  She is a New Yorker's New Yorker, though without the accent (whew!).  She was raised in Kew Garden Hills and, later near Greenwood Lake.  She has a bachelor degree from SUNY Binghamton.  In her prior life, she left a successful career as Chief of Operations for the non-profit Working Today and their for-profit health insurance company.  Her real skills, as applicable these days, however are in making people feel welcome and in helping folks have a good time.

John Pilcher grew up in Torrance, CA (Los Angeles) and moved to the New York City area after he graduated from UCSD with a bachelors in Political Science.  He has family roots, however, in a place called Braeloch, located in Colchester Vermont that date back to 1895 and across five generations.  He moved to New York City after he missed his return plane flight from Boston to LA due to tunnel traffic, at which point he indulged the idea of staying "just one more week".  He never did catch that plane and has lived on the East Coast ever since.  In addition to his bachelors, he received a Management and Finance MBA degree from the Stern School (NYU).  John quit his career as Head of Underwriting for the North American division of the French bank Natixis in 2008.  Today, he is better known for making folks laugh and pairing wines than underwriting commercial loans.

We were married at the site of our summer home, located at Braeloch, in 2005.  Our best day, however, was the day Lewie (aka Lewis S. Pilcher V) was born; May 4, 2008.   Lewie, and the idea of raising him in a small town/wholesome environment, was the primary catalyst to allowing us to execute our dreams into a reality. Thanks Lew! 

Just over one year later, in looking back, we are so happy that we made the plunge and relish nearly every experience we've had with our guests both at the restaurant and in the inn.  Every day is a new experience and often results in a new friendship...what is better than that?