This cozy suite is named after the heroine who was the inspiration for the victory of the Battle of Bennington, during the American Revolution.

The room includes a private living room with a sofa, television, and fireplace. The bedroom contains a queen bed, dresser, and armoire.  The most notable feature of the room is the two-person jacuzzi tub that sits directly underneath the skylight in the bathroom.  The room is located in the Carriage House on the second floor and has many windows that are at floor level.    The room faces the back woods of the property and a stream can be heard when the windows are open.  Expect a peaceful and cozy stay if you choose this room!
"Molly Stark Living Room"
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"Whirlpool Bathtub"
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Molly Stark Bedroom
Whirlpool Bathtub
The Carriage House
Molly Stark Living Room