Fly Fishing
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Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing in The Deerfield Valley is epic! Fishing from late April through end of November can be plentiful to participants of all ages & skill levels. The Wilmington Inn is proud to be the premier fly- fishing lodge in Southern Vermont!

Fly-fishing spots are within walking distance of the inn on The Upper Deerfield River. The river system is called "The Upper Deerfield," and is supplied a constant flow of water from three local bottom release dams. The three dams, Harriman, Somerset & Searsburg are operated by Great River Hydro. This man- made hydro-electric water system operates from its 400-square-mile Vermont drainage basin in four river branches: the main Deerfield, and the East, North, and West branches. The improved water management on these upper sections since 1998 has provided the Deerfield with constant flows and has some of the best fly fishing for wild trout in the state.

More importantly- how's the fishing? VT Wildlife does a great job to ensure the local fisheries are stocked well. So far in 2018, VT Wildlife has put 1300 Lake Trout in Harriman Reservoir and 750 Rainbow Trout into the Upper Deerfield River. Check out their stocking update here:

The Wilmington Inn is proud to partner with Brian Lynch from Pheasant Tail Tours. Brian Lynch has been fishing the waters of New England for over 20 years. He is sponsored by Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods as well as Fulling Mill Flies.

Want to go fishing with Brian? He offers the following trips that can be added to your reservations:

Half-day float trip- $350

  • Float can accommodate 2 people- additional boats can be arranged
  • Full day trips are available as well

On all trips, equipment is provided by Pheasant Tail Tours 

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